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a high-speed electron or positron emitted in the decay of a radioactive isotope

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The wavelength-shifter contains a cyclic, aromatic group emitting light in response to the tritium beta particles.
The second layer is made of gadolinium orthosilicate doped with cerium; this layer detects beta particles, which are highly charged electrons.
These energetic electrons may behave like beta particles.
Betavoltaics are generators of electrical current, in effect a form of battery, which use energy from a radioactive source emitting beta particles (electrons).
Beta particles (an electron or positron (11)) are electrically
High-energy beta particles from yttrium-90 efficiently irradiate cancer cells within the targeted volume, but very little radiation escapes.
The numbers represent a count of subatomic beta particles ejected from the nucleus of radioactive atoms.
Often three things fall under the catch-all term "radiation:" gamma rays, which are high energy photons (light), beta particles, which are electrons and positrons, alpha particles, which are helium nuclei, and neutrons.
It can also distinguish between gamma rays and beta particles, which is necessary to determine the level of contamination.
Beta particles are stronger and can penetrate the skin.
The working group also reaffirmed that internally deposited radionuclides that emit alpha or beta particles, such as radon, are group 1 carcinogenic agents.
As the isotope decays, it emits beta particles (electrons).
DU is a heavy metal that is also slightly radioactive, emitting alpha and beta particles and gamma rays.
And it is this transformation, in which subatomic particles called alpha and beta particles or electromagnetic rays like x-rays and gamma rays are emitted, that we know as radioactivity.