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radioactive decay of an atomic nucleus that is accompanied by the emission of a beta particle

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Thorium-232 is also fertile; after capturing a neutron and undergoing a couple of beta decays, it can be transformed into fissile uranium-233.
Beta decay of the neutron is both the simplest nuclear beta decay and the simplest of the charged-current weak interactions in baryons.
At this level, the neutron beta decay rate can be written as [7]
Back around 1930, difficulties in balancingenergy in beta decay of atomic nuclei led Wolfgang Pauli to postulate the existence of a subatomic particle that had no rest mass, which Enrico Fermi named "little neutral one' or neutrino.
The beta decay experiments that are searching for neutrino mass all use tritium, the heaviest, rarest and only radioactive isotope of hydrogen, which is also the simplest nucleus susceptible to beta decay.
MASS DELUSION Neutrinos were first inferred to exist in 1930 to account for missing energy in a nuclear disintegration process known as beta decay.
We review and discuss the time-reversal-odd R and D correlations in neutron and nuclear beta decay.