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Study participants who had taken beta blockers alone or in combination with another blood pressure medication had significantly less shrinkage in their brains.
The result indicated that those men who had received beta blockers as their only blood pressure drug had less brain atrophy or other abnormalities compared with those who had not been treated, or those who had been given other high blood pressure medicines.
Once seen as a leading treatment for heart attack patients, beta blockers are losing their luster thanks to new drugs and surgical devices, he says.
As the name implies, beta blockers can specifically block beta receptors without interfering with lung function.
When the team compared the nearly 22,000 patients with each other according to who was taking beta blockers after three years, they found little difference in rates of cardiac events or stroke.
of its type into the anti-cancer properties of beta blockers.
The harmful effects of beta blockers in patients with heart failure who do not have contraindications are small.
But patients on beta blockers are urged to keep taking their medication until seeing their GP at their next routine appointment - and not to make an interim appointment beforehand.
To our knowledge, there have not been any cases reported in which immunotherapy and beta blockers for varices management, have been used concomitantly.
Patients were divided into groups according to their use of beta blockers (in addition to other heart medications).
Giving patients a class of drugs called beta blockers before surgery improves survival rates, according to Duke University cardiologist Dr.
Until now, a reduction in blood pressure was always thought to be best achieved with beta blockers, in particular Atenolol.
GOOD FOR THE HEART: Wider use of drugs such as beta blockers and ACE inhibitors.
DENVER - Beta blockers are equally effective for the treatment of congestive heart failure in women and men, according to a new metaanalysis.
Diuretics and beta blockers are often initial drugs used to treat HBP, but unfortunately, both drug classes can worsen diabetic control, produce unfavorable lipid profiles and actually increase the frequency of diabetic complications, such as hypoglycemia and peripheral vascular disease.