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(computer science) a second test of an experimental product (such as computer software) carried out by an outside organization

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vice president of genomics operations and development, was in charge of the Beta Site Trial.
At beta site B, the flowsensor closed-loop control system (flowsensor CLC) was employed, whereby Di-water and concentrate makeup are automatic, thereby maintaining the wash bath concentration at the desired level.
The KODAK EMS software, which has already been running as a beta site in the US, provides a complete business workflow solution helping to manage graphic communications businesses.
Corporate Beta Sites Wanted for Revolutionary Infobionics Cellular DBMS(TM), The Next-Generation Solution for Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse and Data Mining
XOS Network Launches Beta Site with More Than 100,000 Registered Members
Hotels Made Simple is launching its beta site in the US today and will launch in early 2007 in major European markets.
Additionally, Emirates Airlines in Dubai, United Arab Emirates has expressed interest in exploring a beta site AWSM installation.
Wired's parent company, Conde Nast, has already used Reddit technology to launch a beta site, Lipstick.
The launch of the beta site introduces a personal shopper, the first in the industry; a comprehensive and easy-to-use ring builder and the elaborate, enhanced diamond education section.
The launch of the beta site introduces a personal shopper function, the first in the industry; a comprehensive and easy-to-use 3-D ring builder, another first, and an elaborate enhanced diamond education section.
To sign up for the BETA program, please visit TechWhale's BETA site at http://www.
VUTEk(R), a division of EFI (Nasdaq:EFII), announced that it has successfully completed beta site testing of the PressVu(R) UV 320/400 and is now shipping commercial quantities of the new 3.