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the second brightest star in Perseus

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(from a combination of ALGOrithmic and Language)

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Moreover, Richards suspects that a broader pattern of activity and quiescence might be at work in Beta Persei and V711 Tauri.
The orbiting pair in Beta Persei consists of a star that is a younger version of our sun, along with a hotter companion.
For one thing, the proximity causes the stars to spin more quickly: The sunlike stars in Beta Persei and V711 Tauri are spinning 10 times as fast as the sun.
But the technique was used so successfully with the rings of Saturn that it is being tried twice at Uranus -- first for about four hours, when the star Sigma Sagittarii (Nunki) will be occulted by the two outermost rings, and later by the star Beta Persei (Algol), whose track will encompass all nine.