human chorionic gonadotropin

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hormone produced early in pregnancy by the placenta

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CDX-1307 couples Beta hCG to a novel human monoclonal antibody targeting dendritic cells, key cells of the immune system.
Outside the United States, double tests - AFP and free beta hCG - are quite popular.
A study of 91 women at a Bronx PPFA medical centre using pre-and post-abortion beta hCG testing found that 88 had successful medical abortions, even four women whose beta hCG levels did not fall as low as expected.
Free Beta hCG is a peptide hormone produced in the early stage of pregnancy that is widely recognized as a critical biomarker for first-trimester prenatal risk assessment.
Restricted procedure performed in union purchase between Local Health Umbria USL 1 (leader) and USL Umbria 2, for the assignment of the delivery service at the inn inclusive of analytical systems with portable diagnostic methodology rapid POCT, including instrumentation and the provision of reagents and consumables to begin investigations in blood chemistry and biochemical (blood gases, electrolytes, biochemical tests, coagulation, cardiac markers, BNP, Beta HCG, bilurubina, transaminases, amylase, CRP, blood count etc.
Despistage de la trisomie 21 a I'aide de la beta hCG libre: notre experience sur trois ans.
First Trimester Screening combines a Nuchal Translucency (NT) measurement of fluid at the back of the fetus' neck and free Beta hCG and PAPP-A dried maternal blood tests to generate a patient-specific risk for Down syndrome and trisomy 18 chromosomal abnormalities.
Tenders are invited for Total Beta Hcg Kit , Cat No.
Provision of analytical systems (instrumentation, reagents and consumables) for cardiac markers: BNP, troponin, myoglobin and CK mass and Beta HCG for Clinical Pathology Services Authority in Vallecamonica-Lake Iseo, AO "Carlo Poma" Mantua and AO "Institutes Hospitallers~ of Cremona for a period of 48 months, renewable up to an additional 36 months by open pursuant to art.
Contract notice: Open procedure for the provision of an analytical system (instrumentation, reagents and consumables) for cardiac markers: bnp, troponin, myoglobin and ck mass and beta hcg for clinical pathology services authority in vallecamonica-sebino of ~ ao "carlo poma" of mantua and the ao "institutes hospitallers" in cremona for a period of 48 months, renewable up to a further 36 months.
Contract notice: Determination of cardiac markers and beta hcg with making available material for biochemical laboratories of the university hospital of nice.
He said laboratory tests proved vaccines used in a program sponsored and funded by the World Health Organization and UNICEF were "poisoned with Beta HCG," which he said leads to miscarriages and sterility
Jones' duties were to participate in ongoing research and to perform various endocrine tests to include beta HCG, estrogen, progesterone, prolactin, FSH and LH.
Pregnancy tests usually detect beta human chorionic gonadotrophin or beta hCG, a hormone normally present to pregnant women due to the placenta that produces the same and circulates it through the blood, and eventually discharged through urine.