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the normal brainwave in the encephalogram of a person who is awake and alert

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30] stated that the low beta activity is mainly linked with drowsiness state, while high beta activity is mainly related to high awareness level.
In the study by Ray and Cole (16) in 1985, it was reported that in cognitive functions such as mental arithmetic not requiring environmental attention, alpha activity increased, particularly in the parietal region, whereas in the tests with emotional content, beta activity increased, particularly in the temporal region.
Conversely, we can try and suppress beta activity in conditions like Parkinson's disease typified by slow movement," he added.
Kubitz and Mott (1996) found no change in either alpha or beta activity from pre-to post-exercise, but did observe reductions in alpha activity and increases in beta activity during exercise.
However, they did find differences in the beta range such that both groups showed equivalent power in the LH, but experts showed significantly less RH beta activity.
The liquid effluent discharge system for B33 has a sample point and effluent samples are regularly taken, monitored and sent for total alpha and total beta activity.
It also contains a Beta Activity Determination Chart to determine the activity of a known beta emitter from a measurement with the monitor.
The brain of the insomniac remains more activated, even during sleep: Beta activity, which is associated with wakefulness, is increased over normal levels, and activity in the anterior cingulate and medial orbital frontal cortex, associated with alertness and attention, is higher.