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a book that has had a large and rapid sale

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Seth Godin: Author of bestsellers Linchpin, Tribes, and Purple Cow.
Her sampling of bestsellers reveals even some of the campiest to be what George Orwell, quoting G.
You will receive your set of Puffin Bestsellers within 28 days of the closing date.
The bestsellers build up into a wonderful library of children's classics, which you can keep in a FREE collectors' box you can pick up today.
The publisher's bestsellers include eight out of ten of the Times' bestseller categories and the three top spots in the hardcover Advice, How-To, and Miscellaneous categories.
More importantly, this section of Bestsellers provides a representative sample-an overview of the kinds of fiction that were popular in the different decades of the century.
She succinctly registers her recommendation by saying, "Any book by Merton," which includes not only Seven Storey Mountain and New Seeds of Contemplation--national bestsellers from more than 20 years ago--but also the recently released Journals of Thomas Merton, so widely read today.
The CRN Channel Bestsellers list represents the top five best-selling technologies in 21 technology categories, the leading Channel Bestseller in each category, and the Top Growth Bestseller.
There are seven books in our fantastic collection of Puffin Bestsellers with two more books to collect this week.
Brown's previous novel had sold just 10,000 copies, but 'Angels and Demons' is now top of the US paperback bestsellers lists.
Rodale Books Hits Milestone With Record 13 New York Times Bestsellers
Throughout the past 10 years, O'Reilly has authored four New York Times bestsellers, including the most recent Culture Warrior, as well as The O'Reilly Factor and The No Spin Zone, which were both number one on the bestseller list, and The O'Reilly Factor for Kids.
She's the author of eight New York Times bestsellers, which have sold over 6 million copies to date, as well as four children's books.
Hardcover Fiction and Nonfiction Bestsellers Now 40% Off