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Every now and again, I think of my best girlfriend Alicia.
So when we finished I took my best girlfriend and we checked into a spa, and the first thing I did was have these horrible fake nails removed, and then I ate pasta.
You had all sorts of amazing talents, the best one of all was been the best girlfriend in the whole world.
Her choice was to be the best girlfriend he'd ever had.
I just knew instinctively that they were wrong and that I should never share with anyone my thoughts of being in love with my best girlfriend.
You are the best girlfriend, partner, wife, friend, person anyone could have or know.
And one is the glance of admiration which Boyf gives you before giving you a big sloppy kiss and saying: ``You are the best girlfriend in the world ever
He has a few good friends, including his garden-designer housemate Patrick, best girlfriend Erin and a Filofax stuffed with the numbers of 573 acquaintances, but a freebie holiday forces him to rethink his superficial life.
I go for a walk with my best girlfriend, I get home, and I make dinner for the man I love.
She said: "I told him I cannot compete with one of the most high-profile women in the media, but I'm loyal and I've loved you for six years and I'm the mother of your children and I've been the best girlfriend I can be.
I have lots of best girl friends for when I'm not talking to my best, best girlfriend because she copied my shoes.
Her unusual sexual organs have not been noticed by the family's ancient and incompetent physician, and her suburban childhood proceeds relatively normally until puberty kicks in and Callie develops lustful feelings for her best girlfriend, a Waspy stunner.