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a broom made of twigs tied together on a long handle

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USE a besom broom to sweep away worm casts on lawns - they make ideal weed seed beds.
He snatched up a besom broom and rushed at the air, roaring his head off, threatening them with the broom and letting fly a prime example of his stream of invective.
EFFORT USE a besom broom to scatter worm casts (right) on the lawn to stop weeds growing there.
In this season of ghosts and spirits,it could be just the time to conjure some household spells: MAGICAL CLEAN UP AFTER arguments or upsets, restore a peaceful atmosphere by sweeping through your rooms with a besom broom,made of twigs.
Bodgers usually had special skills in working with green wood, such as making besom brooms and spoons.
From besom brooms to whistles, chair and bench making to baskets, there will be many traditional skills and products on view.
Rod and Natasha make stools, chairs, besom brooms - in fact anything that can be fashioned from small-diameter timber.