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a gold coin of the Byzantine Empire

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Besant has more than 25 years of experience in the industry, and is to be replaced by Natalie Cameron as New Zealand CEO.
Annie Besant Road and cross Glaxo, Worli Police Station & Poddar Hospital.
Also, using NetDespatch's Connector means that we have flexibility in how, when and where we print labels," continues Robert Besant.
ONTARIO - The Sierra Canyon of Chatsworth boys' basketball team had some big wins this season but came up short in its biggest game to date in a 55-45 setback Friday against Besant Hill of Ojai in the Southern Section Div.
Co-founders Besant and Masso scout each chosen country in search of top bartending talent from nationally renowned bars, and then invite them to become part of the exclusive society.
Sun and Besant (2005) developed a correlation for equilibrium relative humidity ([phi]) based on the moisture content of the dry desiccant (U) as show in Equation 1:
Karen Besant, charity shop manager, said: "It is absolutely heart breaking seeing the destruction and damage that can be caused by mindless thieves.
Starting with Shelley, Blake and Godwin there are passages devoted to a wide group of people with radical views of society, politics and religion: Robert Owen, George Eliot, Annie Besant, Carlyle, Ruskin, William Morris, Edward Carpenter, Madame Blavatsky, Wells and Shaw.
38/GA Shoreham, 5th Avenue Besant Nagar, Chennai 600 090, India
Ian Besant, who leads the employment team at Wright Hassall, said the ruling could be significant for workers in many sectors.
Given the theme of synesthesia, this is no surprise: Theosophy was just as happy to mix and match the senses (see Annie Wood Besant and C.
Besant will oversee the Tribune's recruitment efforts in print and in a variety of current and to-be-developed online applications including CareerPath.
Although some of the women, such as Annie Besant and Margaret Noble (Sister Nivedita), will be familiar to those with an interest in South Asian history, most of her subjects are, indeed, women who have hitherto been hidden from history.
Do we have Pollyanna classes that describe a few religious holidays, list a few religious "heroes," and say a few pleasant things about the Pilgrims, the Quaker abolitionists, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, Thomas Paine, Annie Besant, Avicenna, and Gandhi?