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capital and largest city of Lebanon

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Therefore, the second aim of the fieldwork was to obtain a more nuanced understanding of the foundation, development and structure of the Roman colony of Berytus.
By deciding to now create the Berytus Nutrix Legum Prize as a "Legal Nobel", with a cash prize of $1 million (Dh3.
This execution of captives had been presaged by Titus, on his journey home, at Caesarea where he celebrated Domitian's birthday by putting to death in games more than 2 500 Jewish captives, and at Berytus where he celebrated Vespasian's birthday with the slaughter of even more captives in a similar manner, and in all the cities of Syria through which he passed on his way to Rome, 'making his Jewish captives serve to display their own destruction.
When the neighboring towns of Sidon and Tyre began to decline in the first millennium, Berytus, as it was then called, acquired more influence.
Cavafy's poetry echoes no School of Athens, indeed, but recalls instead the glories of the ancient school of Alexandria, reiterating the doctrines and practice of Callimachus and the Neoterics certainly, but even more the exquisite work of the epigrammatists of the city and of its literary satellites--Cos, Samos, Rhodes, Cyrene, Gadara, Berytus, Sicily, and Magna Graecia--throughout the eastern Mediterranean.
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