beryllium bronze

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a copper-base alloy containing beryllium

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5 cents per bottle when using beryllium copper and 10.
These are bimetal, one-piece formed cavities or cores, using beryllium copper or Ampcoloy materials for superior external- or internal-cooling jackets, but with tool-steel molding and wear surfaces.
These patents incorporate a wide variety of forged-face insert materials, including titanium, beryllium copper, stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum and related alloys, and include technology for variable face thickness of the insert.
When a very hard mold is needed to mold something abrasive like glass-filled nylon, mold makers use hard beryllium copper alloys or newer beryllium-free alloys like Ampcolloy 940 from Ampco Metal Inc.
John Worbye, product development manager of Uddeholm, also sees wider use of beryllium copper for injection molds, largely because of the extremely high thermal conductivity of these materials.
Designs and builds steel, beryllium copper, and aluminum injection molds for machines up to 400 tons.
Tenders are invited for Spark Less Pipe Wrench 14 50X 350 Mm Of Beryllium Copper Alloy With Hardness 283-365 Hrc 30-41
Blow molds are made from aluminum, beryllium copper and a full range of steels.
They are said to be cost-effective alternatives to beryllium copper.
It is designed to conform to the requirements of BS 9525-F00033 and features high reliability four-finger beryllium copper contacts that ensure integrity of connection without loss of data.
Omnetics' nano-pin and socket system includes a beryllium copper spring pin with specific annealing to provide high contact strength and low contact resistance.
This expanded line of wave-type spring washers in stainless steel or beryllium copper obtain required loading when the allowable amount of axial space in a mechanism is limited.
Specialloy has operated since 1952 and manufactures and processes a range of copper master alloy, used by foundries to produce copper alloy products, and copper-based alloys in billet and slab form, including beryllium copper alloys.
Tenders are invited for Spark Less Socket Spanner 32 Mm Of Beryllium Copper Alloy With Hardness 283-365 Hrc 30-41
The statute defines the banned category as made "from one or a combination of tungsten alloys, steel, iron, brass, bronze, beryllium copper, or depleted uranium.