beryllium bronze

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a copper-base alloy containing beryllium

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In addition to its beryllium copper, the green sand and nobake operation also casts a wide variety of nonferrous metals, as well as stainless and carbon steel.
All connectors feature captivated center contacts made of gold plated beryllium copper and outer body components made of passivated stainless steel.
They are used in pairs and have large deflection beryllium copper contacts on 1 mm pitch.
The Agies have allowed K&K to perform jobs that would not have been considered with the older machines - for example, producing beryllium copper electrical terminals, requiring a 0.
Beryllium copper has been used as a mold material for plastics since 1935.
Specialloy has operated since 1952 and manufactures and processes a range of copper master alloy, used by foundries to produce copper alloy products, and copper-based alloys in billet and slab form, including beryllium copper alloys.
Tenders are invited for class-3 beryllium copper electrode material details as per tender.
The mechanical and electrical properties of beryllium copper make it the material of choice for EMI/RFI shielding products as well as for battery contacts, grounding clips, connector contacts, and ESD clips.
Gold-plated beryllium copper contacts that maximize reliability and signal integrity.
The between-series adapter employs a beryllium copper spring mechanism to securely lock the quick-connect Type G male.
Contacts materials are brass, beryllium copper or phosphor bronze, with gold or silver plating.
Three methods were evaluated for heat removal: a berylliumcopper boss pin, a beryllium copper insert, and a specially designed active thermal boss pin.
Beryllium copper finger stock gaskets mounted on track provide EMI/RFI shielding with the security of mechanical assembly.
The Datamate J-Tek Reverse Fix connector range offers durability, flexibility in design with cable to cable or cable to board options, and features a high reliability four finger beryllium copper contact clip ensuring integrity, with jack-screw fixing providing additional security of connection.