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German dramatist and poet who developed a style of epic theater (1898-1956)


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y Tres mujeres altas de Edward Albee (con la venia y el aplauso del propio autor), El guardian de Harold Pinter, El eclipse de los dioses de John Osborne, Proceso Oppenheimer de Heiner Kipphardt, Contradanza de Francisco Ors o Galileo Galilei de Bertold Brecht.
They are Plato's Symposium and the ancient quarrel between philosophy and poetry, Hamlet as philosopher and thespian, the Nietzsche-Strindberg correspondence, and Walter Benjamin and Bertold Brecht discuss Franz Kafka.
Bertold Brecht, the leftist German playwright, was brilliant enough to give cynicism a good name.
She covered Leonard Cohen's songs for the film I'm Your Fan, performed Bertold Brecht and Kurt Weill's Seven Deadly Sins with the Royal Ballet Company, and sang Pink Floyd's See Emily Play with her mother at a Syd Barrett tribute - a song she liked so much she's included it on her record.
Drawing on historical characters such as Greta Garbo and Bertold Brecht, it vividly captures the edgy atmosphere of the Weimar Republic.
In 1932, he had had his first celluloid appearance as an extra in classic social drama "Kuhle Wampe," but really started acting in 1949 when author Bertold Brecht hired him for his Berliner Ensemble theater group.
Her analysis is theoretically informed by important theater critics such as Diana Taylor, Marvin Carlson and Bertold Brecht, as well as literary and cultural critics such as Doris Sommers, Michel Foucault and Efrain Barradas.
In her "Franco Fortini traduttore di Bertold Brecht," Passannanti presents a close reading of this poet's "Traducendo Brecht" which is concerned with moral as well as poetic issues.
Bertold Brecht was to have shipped Benjamin's library, his "intellectual wine cellar," as he liked to call it, to Svendborg in Denmark, where Brecht took refuge, but it was lost during WWII.
gt;> --exclamaba esa misma noche uno de los personajes de Bertold Brecht (5).
Se han realizado ademas puestas en escena de no menos importantes autores como Franz Xaver Kroetz, Friedrich Durrenmatt, Max Frisch y otros; sin embargo, ninguno puede ni podra competir con la relativa popularidad del Fausto de Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ni mucho menos con Bertold Brecht quien en gran escala marco el camino del teatro moderno latinoamericano.
But many great writers and artists, from George Bernard Shaw to Bertold Brecht to Stanley Kubrick, have recognized the power of humor to make audiences think about social issues in new ways.
La aproximacion de Benjamin al marxismo se da a traves de su relacion con Bertold Brecht, quien representaba la aspiracion artistica de Benjamin, pues basaba la reaccion del publico en su capacidad de alineacion, la repulsion que siente al asumir conciencia de que esta alienado hace que el espectador se involucre, deja de ser mero observador para participar en una actitud critica y, lo que Brecht esperaba, la auto-critica.
Among more modern adaptations are found an expressionist sketch of Joan by Bertold Brecht (1922) and the asymptotic story of Isaac Bashevis Singer, Yentl (1962).