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French criminologist (1853-1914)

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Probably not, and therefore one's rage at Bertillon may not be entirely justified.
21) Sur le << systeme Bertillon >> de 1' << identification anthropometrique >> appliquee d'abord aux recidivistes et malfaiteurs a partir de l'annee 1883, puis aux nomades et etrangers (Martine Kaluszynski, << Alphonse Bertillon et l'anthropometrie >>, in Maintiens de l'ordre etpolice en France et en Europe au XIXe siecle, sous la direction de Philippe Vigier et al.
Alphonse Bertillon, the legendary head of the forensic investigation department, carried out a thorough search of the crime scene.
Alexandre Lacassagne, a Holmesian figure who specialized in ballistics and blood-spatter analysis, and Alphonse Bertillon, the father of the mug shot.
Louis-Adolphe Bertillon, an appointed professor of demography at the school of anthropology in Paris, was credited with inventing measuring equipment for head size, length of forearm, middle finger and little finger.
Still referred to as the ICD but now published with an expanded title, this systematic international classification system was first published in 1893 as the Bertillon Classification, or International List of Causes of Death.
In the 1880s, when a French crime fighter named Alphonse Bertillon pioneered the mug shot as a unique form of portraiture, the photographs he took were expected to do one thing: Help establish an individual's identity at a time when driver's licenses, fingerprint files, and Facebook pages didn't exist.
The gatekeepers of "Political Economy" and the "Academy of Science" rejected efforts by Achille Guillard and Adolphe Bertillon to have their respective statistical approaches incorporated into mainstream academic thought in France.
Founder of the statistical method Boas used during the fair to collect anthropologic data on "the Half-Blood Indian," Bertillon developed an anthropometry in the last decades of the nineteenth century.
To put the soul of this pagan through a Bertillon system and set forth its marks of easy identification is, therefore, a sanitary measure demanded in the interest of public health.