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one of the ancient Norse warriors legendary for working themselves into a frenzy before a battle and fighting with reckless savagery and insane fury

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Mason may not have a hard time accepting Liam's supernatural life since he encountered a Berserker while looking for Lyida (Holland Roden) at school in the "Teen Wolf" Season 4 finale episode titled "Smoke and Mirrors.
Merthyr born Antony Smith, a 38-year-old former HTV Wales drama producer, is the brainchild behind Berserkers, which follows The Darkest Day, another viking themed movie, from his Sand-fields, Port Talbot based Tornado Films studio.
According to the book, 'To go berserk' originated from the Berserkers, or wild Norse warriors of great strength and courage, who fought with a frenzied fury known as "the Berserker rage", the Mirror reported.
That only madmen, despots, berserkers and psychopaths are interested in attending this game.
The player must assemble an army from history's greatest warriors, including samurai, Viking berserkers, knights of Camelot, Aztec warriors, ninjas, and more.
10) Berserkers were members of the ancient Viking communities who were used as bodyguards and warriors when needed.
TWENTY years ago, Zakk Wylde was working as a gas station attendant when Ozzy Osbourne hired him as his guitarist - and for the last 10 years, BLS have delivered up their metal edge to fans known as The Berserkers.
Fred Saberhagen's OF BERSERKERS, SWORDS & VAMPIRES (1439132690, $23.
But when the tyrant Thidrek and his berserkers kill Dane's father, kidnap Astrid and burn the village, Dane the Defiant and his friends vow to rescue Astrid.
In the extreme, such flooding is an explanation for soldiers becoming battle-crazed and some ancient Viking warriors becoming so battle-crazed that they were called berserkers.
Excavations in York between 1976 and 1981 turned up bear claws used as necklaces or simple keepsakes and, of course, the most fearsome Viking warriors, the berserkers, dressed up as bears to frighten their enemies and believed they took the spirit and strength of the bear into battle with them.
Meticulously researched, The Sea of Trolls is a rollicking Tolkein-esque Viking adventure with berserkers, wanton pillaging, destruction and magic.
Hurtle back in time at the Viking Adventure with a bunch of Dublin kids, direct descendants of the berserkers who brought mayhem to these shores 11 centuries ago.
Released on the Spitfire label, 1919: Eternal is BLS's third and probably heaviest set featuring classic riff & roll tracks like Demise of Sanity, Berserkers, Lords of Destruction and Battering Ram and one stay ballad Bridge to Cross.
The concept of executive protection goes back thousands of years to groups such as the Japanese samurai, Norwegian berserkers, and the British yeomen of the guard.