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United States conductor and composer (1918-1990)

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Woodward was accused of killing Bernstein, 19, and burying his body in a California park in January.
An updated second edition of a guide first published in 2002, it appears just in time to help steer what promises to be a busy season of Bernstein research as the hundredth anniversary of his birth approaches in 2018.
Over the course of a career that spanned nearly five decades, Leonard Bernstein was the subject of hundreds, if not thousands, of interviews.
After that Bernstein should have a discussion with his wife not only because Boon Huat is her brother, but also he should treat his wife like a member of the family.
If anyone were likely to hold a conduct-in, it was Bernstein, a civil rights marcher, Zionist, gay rights activist, no-nukes partisan, antifascist, sexual liberationist, cowboy-boot wearer, and inveterate attender of fund-raisers, speaker at rallies, and signer of petitions.
In connection with the latter relations and identity Bernstein may be understood as kindred with the myriad homosexual artists with whom he had close ties from his late teens on.
She leaves two sons: Barry Bernstein and his wife Diana of Holden and Howard Bernstein and his wife Dana Burns of Seattle, Washington; a daughter, Leslie Bernstein of Washington, D.
At 28, Bernstein thought that after six years as a Metro reporter, he should be elevated to rock critic or covering the Vietnam War.
In his role as the city's first manager of historic resources, Bernstein is charged with overseeing 837 monuments, 21 historic districts and a vast cityscape that has never before been evaluated for its historic or cultural worth.
Drawing from the experience of social work development in China, and employing a sociological theory proposed by the late British sociologist Basil Bernstein, this paper discusses and demonstrates how various social forces influence the social work indigenisation discourses in China.
What drives the market often is perception," Bernstein said.
Seymour Bernstein has produced another inspiring, educational and entertaining book.
A few wondered why we'd be working with books for kindergarteners," says Noreen Bernstein, youth services director at Williamsburg Regional Library and developer of Looking to Learn.
Ask twenty people and you will get twenty different answers," says Rick Bernstein, current owner of Bernstein Brothers, one of Judd's early fabricators.
Bernstein of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia used a bank of 10 computers for 6 months to search the resulting images for faint objects moving in the Kuiper belt.