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For Berns, as his other writings make clear, it extends to censorship of "immoral" materials (which is certainly a red flag).
Berns describes how this purpose of super-elevating the sovereign through his presentation in the mobile apparatus was achieved.
Berns added, "The company expanded our membership through agreements with debit card issuers that layer our platform onto their cards as a value added benefit for their card holders.
Berns of Foxboro died Friday because of complications from Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome, commonly known as progeria.
Berns explained that, despite the fact that Section 32 agreements, designed to close workers compensation cases forever, were authorized in late 1996 and started to appear at the Board in 1997, the Board has never issued any guidelines to help injured workers understand what these agreements can mean for them.
Effective July 10, 2006, Berns will lead Casey's direct services, which serve children, youth and families in field offices located across the U.
Without her mother's knowledge or permission, Berns arranged for her to move into Silverado Senior Living in Calabasas, which caters to people with memory loss.
Berns Communications Group (BCG) is a business communications firm providing companies with corporate/financial public relations expertise that helps raise the visibility and stature of our clients by articulating and promoting a well-defined market position.
Berns joined MDC Partners from Interpublic Group, where he served as Senior Vice President and Treasurer for five years.
Berns oversaw massive reforms in the child welfare system in Colorado Springs, using managed-care principles.
Hendrick and Berns evaluated the effect on digital mammograms of zero, one, and two cushions while imaging the full clinical range of compressed breast thicknesses.
Steven Berns, Former Interpublic Executive to Bring Extensive Industry Knowledge
Abbe Berns, assistant director of the Ventura County Fire District, said Medallion Construction failed to follow specifications when installing the roof.
Berns, who also wrote or co-wrote ``Hang on Sloopy,'' ``Brown-Eyed Girl'' and ``Under the Boardwalk'' and often collaborated with fellow uptown-soul composer Jerry Ragovoy, was 38 when he died in 1967.
The remainder of the company's stock is owned by Berns and Donald D.