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Swiss physicist who contributed to hydrodynamics and mathematical physics (1700-1782)


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the Bernoulli effect (increasing of water particles axial velocities in the regions within which the water pressure is decreased) (Batchelor, 1991).
The narrowing of the nostrils results in greater air velocity during inspiration, which magnifies the Bernoulli effect and makes the lateral nasal wall more prone to collapse.
Due to the Bernoulli effect, this vibration causes the liquid to be pumped upward or downward through the holes.
The Bernoulli effect says it is this spin which creates the low-pressure force that turns the ball to the left ( round the defensive wall.
The second force - called the Bernoulli effect - tends to pull the calf sideways towards the mother's flank, where the slipstream is strongest.
Scientists call the motion caused by the pressure differences the Bernoulli Effect.