Bernoulli distribution

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a theoretical distribution of the number of successes in a finite set of independent trials with a constant probability of success

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The Bernoulli distribution determined by p is the probability distribution of a random configuration c [member of] [S.
A question with alternative response is rewarded by marks either 0 or 1, implies that a random variable X (marks) has a Bernoulli distribution (Moore etal.
Raghavan and Upfal have given a protocol in which the expected delay (time to get serviced) of every message is O(log n) when messages are generated according to a Bernoulli distribution with generation rate up to about 1/10.
The Bernoulli distribution is the appropriate distribution to use when multiple admissions are not possible.
Bernoulli distribution with parameter p [member of] (0, 1), Bern(p).
Appendices on relative entropy in Bernoulli distributions and relative entropy and ROC curves also are included, as are a glossary and references.