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Dinkel is known to have admired the Bernese artist Sigmund Freudenberger, an engraver, together with Jean-Michel Moreau le Jeune, of the famous Monument du Costume series published in Paris from 1775-83.
The scenery in the Bernese Oberland is memorable and from the top of the Harder funicular above Interlaken the vistas of the alps are awesome.
The Bernese periacetabular osteotomy: clinical, radiographic and mechanical 7-15- follow-up of 26 hips.
With the aim to make a new software package available and to stimulate further use of DORIS within the geodetic scientific community, the Institut Geographique National (IGN) approached the Astronomical Institute University of Berne (AIUB) with an idea to implement DORIS analysis capabilities into the Bernese GPS Software version 5.
Shaun Nield, 40, of Edinburgh, is suing the Central Scotland Police constable for pounds 35,000 after buying a Bernese mountain dog from her for pounds 750 last year.
30 Yarmouth The Lauberhorn is a mountain in the Bernese Alps, located between Wengen and Grindelwald.
Prize Family Crossword No 1340 published the same day: Across - 3 Weber; 8 Tyrone; 9 Euclid; 10 Skim; 11 Panjandrum; 12 Tundra; 13 St Peter's; 16 Stable companion; 18 Attendee; 21 Geezer; 23 Ku Klux Klan; 25 e; 4 Bernese Oberland; 5 Revamp; 6 Scad; 7 Liquor; 12 Tessa; 14 Tenderloin; 15 Senor; 17 Paganini; 19 Thurso; 20 Dexter; 22 El Nino; 24 Lulu
He describes these in terms of their context, like the Bernese bear on the wall outside an elevator that one sees head or feet first, depending on direction.
A beautiful landscape like no other, unlikely to be topped anywhere in Europe--"Swiss Bernese Oberland: A Travel Guide with Specific Trips to the Mountains, Lakes, and Villages" is a complete and comprehensive guide covering this gorgeous region.
Even people who own Bernese Mountain Dogs have one.
And it offers winter-sports enthusiasts easy access to six resorts in the Jungfrau region of the Bernese Oberland.
There is Moppet, the cocker spaniel who comforted an awkward little girl; Della the bighearted Great Dane, who both doted on and defended her youthful mistress; Timber, the quarter-wolf hybrid who amazed everyone who saw her; Boo the Rottweiler, who unfortunately lived up to his breed's dangerous potential; the self-absorbed Miss Daisy, a cocker spaniel bought for the author's daughter; and lastly Ty1er, the all-loving, highly intelligent Bernese Mountain Dog who continues to share life with Pregosin and her family.
GPS data monitored on the East Sudeten network during six annual campaigns (1997-2002) were processed by the BERNESE 4.
Para el procesamiento de los datos GPS con efemerides precisas se utilizo el software BERNESE, desarrollado por la Universidad de Berna, Suiza.
On both sides of the Midway the world had come to strut its stuff: an ostrich farm and the Turkish Village and the Panorama of the Bernese Alps.