Bernese mountain dog

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large powerful long-haired black-coated Swiss dog with deep tan or russet markings on legs and white blaze and feet and chest marking

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Founded in 1943, Berner is a leading producer of private label cheese dips, salsa con queso, alfredo sauce, aerosol cheese products and coffee- and latte-based beverages.
Christian Berner AB has acted as agent and partner for parts of GEA for over 50 years, mainly within drying, evaporation, membrane filtration, and pharmaceutical processes.
Towards that end, Berner and colleagues Bill Bruckart and Craig Cavin examined the host range and specificity of two promising fungal candidates: Uromyces salsolae and Colletotrichum salsolae.
According to Berner, the app is useful for knocking off tasks in batches, and also for getting assistance with impending chores.
Francesco Burrone, who designed the entire plant in cooperation with his Spanish colleagues and is currently plant manager, says FHP Berner is now in Phase 1 of a two-part plan that will include the purchase of at least another dozen presses and the doubling of its workforce to 100.
Leicester started brightly, and it was from Paul Gallagher's early corner that the hosts took the lead as defender Berner headed in from close-range in the sixth minute.
Rich Berner appointed Vice President and General Manager for Cerner Middle East
Gardner was led by a sparkling performance from senior guard Matt Berner, who led all scorers with 20 points.
Berner International E-Zone and K-Zone air doors offer affordable protection and carry the UL Environmental and Public Health (EPH) mark.
In general, for every carbon atom that's sequestered in sediments, an oxygen atom returns to the air, Berner notes.
Carlos Berner joined JBM as Senior Director in the marketing and sale of multifamily properties in Southeast Florida.
Berner received his bachelor's degree from Harvard College and his Ph.
The Weaver's Nest is a company owned and founded by Volker Berner, who trained as a textiles designer in Nuremberg, Germany, and has a farm in the African bush country that employees 32 members of the Ovambo tribe to make high-end, flatwoven rugs there.
Berner will present a global perspective on the path from chemistry to UV and EB solutions, with a forward looking overview of innovative approaches underway to enhance market penetration of UV and EB technologies.