Bernese mountain dog

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large powerful long-haired black-coated Swiss dog with deep tan or russet markings on legs and white blaze and feet and chest marking

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Eniro AB (STO:ENRO), a search company for individuals and businesses in the Nordic region, announced on Monday the appointment of Joachim Berner as new chairman of the board of directors of the company.
Berner, a former Chester Yellow Jacket, started all 11 games for SIU at defensive end as a redshirt freshman, recording 26 tackles (including 2.
Born at Apley Hall, on the outskirts of Bridgnorth, on September 18, 1883, the man who would become Lord Berners displayed behaviour that would have landed him in hot water if not for his wealth and title.
06, following a 1-for-8 reverse stock split in mid-October, Berner has won accolades for noticeable improvements at key stations such as Rocker KLOS-FM 95.
Pon Food established by Tony and Bonnie Berner in 1956 has been passed down 3 generations and serves 790 customers in the state.
Founded in 1943, Berner is a producer of private label cheese dips, salsa con queso, alfredo sauce, aerosol cheese products and coffee- and latte-based beverages.
Towards that end, Berner and colleagues Bill Bruckart and Craig Cavin examined the host range and specificity of two promising fungal candidates: Uromyces salsolae and Colletotrichum salsolae.
Berner said that hedge funds with the highest leverage had less than 5% of hard-to-value assets in their portfolios, while those with no leverage contained about 20% of such assets.
Since then, things have continued to look pretty bright for Berner.
NASDAQ: FNFG) has promoted Kristy Berner to senior vice president and general counsel and Kate White to senior vice president and managing director, Human Resources.
We look at your location and if there's a major change in location we calculate the drive time and notify you 15 minutes before you should leave," Berner explained.
We're focusing on the consumer with recognition that most consumers, especially those with high-end smartphones also have professional tasks that they want to get done," said Mikael Berner, the CEO of San-Francisco-based company Easilydo.
has joined forces with Spanish injection molder SP Berner Plastic Group.
Richard Berner, the chief economist for Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS) in the US, has decided to leave the company to pursue other opportunities, Dow Jones Newswires has reported.