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member of an order of monks noted for austerity and a vow of silence


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And as hearts rise 'round the world today on Valentine's Day, Harry and Bernardine Pregerson will toast more than a successful marriage of 62 years.
Positioned at the head of this early modern anthology, sentiments of the (pseudo-) Bernardine poem echo in many of the volume's subsequent lyrics, as well as in the verse of later poets who would have been exposed to this popular collection.
Bernardine Medical Center, one patient is currently listed in good condition.
Improvement and restructuring of housing - Chateauroux Touvent and Beaulieu and Issoudun The Bernardine.
Pandolfi and his wife, Linda of Green Valley, AZ and John Pandolfi and his wife, Bernardine of Oxford; a sister, Deloris Pandolfi of Jefferson; a granddaughter, Linda DeMacedo and her husband, Christiano; five great-grandsons, Leonardo, Tristan, Maximus, John and Logan; and nephews and nieces.
Judges on this year's panels include writers Maggie O'Farrell, Elizabeth Buchan and Bernardine Evaristo, and Radio 2 Book Club producer Joe Haddow.
Hughes, who trains the winner for Bernardine Mulryan, said: "He'll probably run in the John Durkan Memorial Chase at Punchestown.
That's the premise of Anglo-Nigerian novelist Bernardine Evaristo's new work of book-length fiction.
British-Nigerian poet Bernardine Evaristo has published three previous novels, all of which were written in verse.
Jeremiah Wright's Trinity United Church of Christ and his associations with Weather Underground radicals William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, for example--many do not know the extent to which Obama fudged his autobiography, Dreams From My Father, that Obama's father was an alcoholic bigamist who killed himself in an automobile accident and that his white mother was "a lonely witness for secular humanism .
Google searches of the words "Obama" and "memorabilia" Thursday produced more than 1 million results, from "the original FBI Most Wanted poster for Barack Obama associate Bernardine Dohrn" to medallions depicting Obama as Hercules, reportedly produced in Greece.
From the time of its founding by the Bernardine Franciscan Sisters a half century ago, Alvernia has placed special emphasis on educating the underserved--first-generation students, sons and daughters of immigrant families, and working women and men seeking to achieve long-delayed educational goals.
Judging this year's award are Granta editor Ian Jack, renowned poet John Burnside and award-winning novelist and critic Bernardine Evaristo.
As an NCR reader for about 15 years, I was disappointed to read Bernardine Kline's letter (Nov.
Richard Fahey's charge is owned by Largs couple Euan and Bernardine Roger.