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English astronomer who pioneered radio astronomy (born in 1913)

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GREAT LEGACY: Sir Bernard Lovell with the telescope in Cheshire which was named after him
The observatory was established in the summer of 1945, when Bernard Lovell arrived at the University of Manchester botanical station with a trailer or two of army surplus radar gear.
A 250-foot radio telescope is completed in England at the Jodrell Bank Observatory, which was established by Bernard Lovell in 1945.
Alfred Charles Bernard Lovell born; an English physicist and radio astronomer; founder and Director of Jodrell Bank Observatory; studied cosmic rays.
Dear Editor, It is with great sadness that I hear of the death of Sir Bernard Lovell.
Sir Bernard Lovell, Emeritus Professor of Radio astronomy, died on 6 August 2012 at the age of 98.
Sir Bernard Lovell - one of Britain's top scientists in the cold war - was criticised for the spiralling cost of building the telescope in Cheshire.
The Festival, that takes place on the first Sunday of August, commemorates the Viking raids on the northwestern coasts of Spain around 1000-years ago * MONDAY AUGUST 6: Sir Bernard Lovell, pioneering British physicist and astronomer and founder of the Jodrell Bank Observatory, died aged 98.
1957: The massive radio telescope at Jodrell Bank, Cheshire, planned by Sir Bernard Lovell, went into operation.
According to a report in Telegraph, the Lovell Telescope at Jodrell Bank was set up to provide a 'four-minute warning' of missile attacks during the Cold War, its creator, Sir Bernard Lovell, has disclosed.
Jodrell Bank began life when Sir Bernard Lovell installed some old army radar equipment at the site in 1945, with the landmark Lovell telescope opening in 1957.
Professor Sir Bernard Lovell, who was in charge of the observatory's big dish when it tracked the first Sputnik 51 years ago, said: "It's wonderful news.
Sir Bernard Lovell, director of Jodrell Bank, on the importance of the Russian space landing on February 3,1966
In Britain, Sir Bernard Lovell, director at Jodrell Bank said: "I am delighted to hear of the successful launching of the American space capsule.
1957: The Jodrell Bank radio telescope in Cheshire, planned by Sir Bernard Lovell, went into operation.