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There are inexplicable and infuriating passages, for instance, in which he lapses into absolutely irrelevant psychoanalysis of his famous ancestor Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery.
Bernard Law Montgomery was born in London on November 17, 1887, and educated at St Paul's School before going to Sandhurst and joining the Royal Warwickshire Regiment in 1908.
It made the previously obscure British commander, Lieutenant-General Bernard Law Montgomery, a household name - people called their cats Monty after him.
Ornar Bradley, a longtime friend, observed that Patton was a "megalomaniac" who once needlessly sacrificed some of his soldiers in order to beat the British general Bernard Law Montgomery to an objective and win a bet between the two of them.
com/post/34854691199/remains-of-world-war-ii-military-pigeon-ignites-code) I09 reported that Martin's home is only five miles away from a rendezvous point designated by British field marshal Bernard Law Montgomery at Reigate.
The chapter on Malta is wonderfully compact and informative, as are the chapters that lead the reader to the selection and arrival of later Field Marshal Sir Bernard Law Montgomery.
During the Second World War, he served with the 8th Army in the Egyptian desert under Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery.
Also on This Day: 1857: Lucknow was relieved by Sir Colin Campbell; 1869: England's James Moore won the first cycle road race covering the 83 miles from Paris to Rouen; 1887: Birth of Field Marshal Sir Bernard Law Montgomery, 1st Viscount of Alamein; 1912: Birth of architect Richard Norman Shaw; 1937: Birth of writer and satirist Peter Cook; 1988: A world record pounds 1 million was paid for a modern literary text when Franz Kafka's The Trial (1925) was bought at Sotheby's in London.
Also on this day: 1603: The English and Scottish crowns were united; 1877: The University Boat Race ended in a dead heat; 1911: Denmark abolished capital punishment; 1944: General Orde Charles Wingate was killed in an air crash in the Assam jungle; 1970: The unique British Guiana one cent black-on-magenta postage stamp sold for pounds 116,600; 1976: Death of Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery, 1st Viscount of Alamein (pictured); 1980: Archbishop Oscar Romero shot dead whilst saying mass in a chapel in San Salvador.