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I look forward to expanding our software services and data and information management offering while extending our market reach," said Andre Horisberger, General Manager, Noser Engineering AG Bern.
The nation's National Development and Reform Committee (NDRC) forecasts a 150% increase in China's natural gas consumption, from 160 Bern in 2013 to between 400-420 Bern by 2020.
Back in Bern, before flying home, I learnt that the city has another claim to fame, apart from bears.
Back in Bern, before flying home, I discovered that the city has another claim to fame, apart from bears.
But that doesn't mean Embassy Bern doesn't do its share of heavy lifting.
The Qatari Diar has invested a total of CHF 500 million ($534 million) in three hotels including the Hotel Schweizerhof Bern.
That evening we dined at Restaurant Ratskeller - a traditional eatery in the heart of the Old Town of Bern.
Numerous events such as the International Jazz Festival, the legendary Gurten Festival, the Bern Carnival and the traditional Onion Market (Zibelemarit) are held against the city s unique backdrop.
Only a few minutes' walk from the city centre and the main railway station, the park is a good reason to visit Bern, but not the only one.
Another Bern attraction is the Munster (cathedral), which has the country's tallest steeple - at 101m high - and if you are up for it, the climb up the 254 narrow, twisting, turning stone steps high above the rooftops of Bern will reward you with stunning views of the city, a dozen Alpine mountain tops and gives an eagle's eye view of the bear park.
SWISS CAPITAL - Bern is a beautiful city, and well worth a visit BERN FACTFILE I flew to Zurich from Manchester, then on by train (an hour and 15 minutes journey) to Bern via the Swiss Travel System.
Bern Meyer was born in the Mossel Bay district on 6 March 1919 and died peacefully, after a short illness, in Pretoria on 30 March 2008.
Memorial observance to be held at the home of Kathleen and Stephen Bern, Tuesday, June 24 (2-8pm), Wednesday, June 25 (2-8pm) and Thursday June 26 (1-6pm).
So here's what the English supporters have been missing in the Swiss capital, Bern.
Delta Connection carrier Atlantic Southeast Airlines has announced that it will operate two daily nonstop round-trip flights between New Bern, North Carolina and Delta's hub in Atlanta, starting on 6 May 2007.