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a group of islands in the Atlantic off the Carolina coast

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The argument then turns from the language of the law to its execution, showing how the disappearance of Bermudian women of color from the rolls of those charged with unlawful sex was a manifestation of their increasingly sharply defined "position as object and property in the eyes of English law" (233).
Perhaps this is a good thing: the story fits the location and relates to real events in which Bermudians took agency over their space in the nexus of currents and trade routes.
Town's Bermudian hot shot is desperate to forge a goal-getting partnership with James Vaughan.
In the grand scheme of things, it doesn't much matter ff Bermudians tax themselves out of existence or if The New Yorker dignifies political correctness, although observing either is akin to watching a space shuttle explode in slow motion.
Using regular representational funds, he hosts quarterly breakfasts with prominent Bermudians on topical issues such as education and youth development.
It's not exactly heaving, since most Bermudians and tourists are at the rugby, but there are plenty of bars and cafes along Front Street, the main drag which runs along the harbour front.
When Valerie Young, a Bermudian educator, left teaching 13 years ago, she wanted to do something that would encourage children to "discover their hidden heritage.
The first generations of white Bermudians appear to have had more trouble than their white Virginian or West Indian contemporaries in crossing that fateful threshold from servitude to slavery.
The European risk is directed into Dublin, and then the Bermudian captive is used to back it.
I discovered that the Bermudians take their cricket and their holiday very seriously: Cup Match is like a big country fair, a huge fete loud with cheering, and pulsing with Reggae and Calypso music.
Many Bermudians work directly in our captive insurance industry and we hope that the news will spur further growth in this important sector by encouraging Mexican nationals to establish captive insurance companies in Bermuda," Premier Cox said.
One of the first Bermudians to sport a NahKi Town shirt is 20-year-old Ryan Roberts.
In addition, it enhances the quality of life for all Bermudians by keeping the landscape pristine and safe.
The issue is to change laws not so much at the expense of the insurance and reinsurance companies, but rather to change them to improve the lot of Bermudians.
The book is written in a native Bermudian tone, which helps to give you a feel of how Bermudians talk and socialize.