Bermuda onion

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mild flat onion grown in warm areas

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The melange is served in a tall martini glass and is a lovely milky green, with bits of Bermuda onion and strips of red and green pepper flashing through.
I opted for the marinated cherry tomato and Bermuda onion salad (also $6.
1 small Bermuda onion, sliced lengthwise and layers pulled apart
Davis had developed a reputation for his fried ground beef patties slathered with hot mustard, topped with a slice of Bermuda onion and tucked between his homemade bread.
Bermuda onion 350-degree frying oil Dust the stone crab chunks with flour.
Matsuzaka didn't touch the slice of Bermuda onion on his plate.
1 small Vidalia OR Bermuda onion, cut into 1/4-inch dice (1/2 cup)
You won't find a prettier (or tastier) rendition of roasted red peppers, tomatoes, Bermuda onion and anchovies in town than the Adriano's version for $8 (at lunch it's $1 less).
Served with caramelized Bermuda onions, this hearty meal is $25.
Here's what she selected: "Grilled Painted Hills Hanger Steak in Cabernet-Foie Gras Jus with Balsamic-Glazed Bermuda Onions, Roasted Yukon Gold Creamer Potatoes & Winter Vegetables.
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