Bermuda Triangle

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an area in the western Atlantic Ocean where many ships and planes are supposed to have been mysteriously lost

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Lionel Jenkins standing at the base of the Bermuda Triangle during his holiday with |wife Mary
The inventor of the Bermuda Triangle is hopeful of the product finding success through outlets and catalogs selling highway safety products.
No word yet about the reasons for that Bermuda Triangle of lost stuff .
The Bermuda Triangle is an area of the Atlantic Ocean marked by three points - Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico.
Maybe Kelley Square is Worcester's Bermuda Triangle.
I had my suspicions that I lived in the North East equivalent of the Bermuda Triangle, and, like the five Avenger torpedo bombers of Flight 19 of the US Navy in 1945, the county council gritting lorries were mysteriously disappearing while going about their business.
A BRITISH couple rescued near the Bermuda Triangle after drifting for 40 days at sea were heading back to the UK today.
Wilson is the inherently fascinating story of Ari Wing Commander Major Robert Tucker and his relentless struggle with the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle.
Some have called the triangular 4200sqm site to the north of Friedrichstrasse railway station the Bermuda Triangle of architecture.
Brenda Banks has told how a Christmas card disappeared into the Bermuda Triangle - and travelled 8,000 miles before being delivered.
The Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria are coursing through the Bermuda Triangle, see, and folklore dictates that what happens to vessels traversing that area is bizarre.
The first half of the story focuses on Ariel's life on an isolated island in the Bermuda Triangle in the early Middle Ages.
The line comprises nine SKUs: Triple C-weed Whipped foundation; Triple C-weed loose powder; Intensifying four-piece Eye Color kit; Amplifying mascara; Starbrights lip gloss and cheek gels; a three-piece lipstick and liner set; mini lip glosses; Bermuda Triangle undereye concealer; an eyebase brush and a lash-line definer brush.
I was at a lesbian Club Med week in the Bermuda Triangle, and the outlets were on the other side of the room from the bed.
Environmentalists and Reserve researchers would love to dismiss the silencios as lunatic fringers, but Mapimi has been mythologized into a phenomenon not unlike the Bermuda Triangle.