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a group of islands in the Atlantic off the Carolina coast

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Japan's tax authorities are expected to impose some 5 billion yen in back taxes on the Lone Star-affiliated investment company, which is based in the Bermuda Islands, a British territory in the northern Atlantic, the sources said.
Among the giants now stalking the Bermuda islands, they will find Olympus Re, a Bermuda reinsurance company that believes, perhaps refreshingly, that size is not everything.
Redescription of Melita planaterga Kunkel 1910 from Bermuda islands with revision of genera Melita Leach and Abludomelita n.
HAMILTON THE TINY CAPITAL CITY of the Bermuda islands, boasts waterfront vistas and historic charm.
Among these are Explorations on the West Coast of Florida (1887), The Animal Life of Our Seashore (1888), The Geological Evidence of Evolution (1888), The Bermuda Islands (1889), The Arctic Problem and Narrative of the Peary Expedition (1893), The Earth and Its Story (1896), Alaska and the Klondike (1899), and Mont Pelee and the Tragedy of Martinique (1903).
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