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French composer of romantic works (1803-1869)

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The operation concerns the public space redevelopment in the neighborhood Wilson sector Berlioz Beethoven, in Reims.
The two composers he greatly admired, Hector Berlioz and Franz Liszt, play their own part in the concert, while Strauss himself dominates the program with "Burlesque" and "Till Eulenspiegel.
Berlioz wrote "Symphony Fantastique" about his obsessive desire for actress Harriet Smithson.
Berlioz called his Romeo et Juliette, which blended musical and extra-musical elements, a "dramatic symphony.
Kultur is proud to announce two new releases in the In the Footsteps series, Berlioz and Puccini available on DVD on August 28, 2012.
Form, Program, and Metaphor in the Music of Berlioz.
French engineers Berlioz (solid mechanics, Toulouse U.
That certainly seemed to be a reasonable the raison d'tre behind this a la carte programme of Ravel, Bizet and Berlioz, aimed at tickling the tastebuds of the Philharmonic's Francophiles.
Riding the 12-year-old gelding Berlioz De Piboul, owned by the Al Wathba Stables, Al Jahouri completed the gruelling 120-km ride in a time of 4 hours and 41.
Berlioz and Debussy: Sources, Contexts and Legacies: Essays in Honour of Francois Lesure.
TWO potential stars of 1999, Berlioz and Enrique, square up in today's Somerville Tattersalls Stakes (3.
On the one hand, I felt that it was too long: the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries provide Bate with irresistible episodes, yet in the end stories such as those of Fuseli and Berlioz and Scott tend to blur into one another, losing their force.
BERLIOZ is considered better than yesterday's impressive winner Lujian by work riders at David Loders' stable.
His fourteen dancers rushed and swooped along to an eclectic soundtrack that combined hums, throbs, and whistles with saucy shards of retro-techno Berlioz.
When Les Troyens was completed, Berlioz was something of an outcast.