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an inhabitant of Berlin

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Seeking to express their great enthusiasm for Kennedy, Berliners ignored and evaded the restraints local authorities' tried to impose upon them.
He was watched from the other side of the border by small groups of East Berliners unable even to wave because of the presence of large groups of the East German People's Police.
Swett warns, however, that the political attitudes of ordinary Berliners in working-class neighborhoods cannot simply be equated with the ideas and actions of these two radical parties.
In the inevitable piece on Berliners and their dogs, Maron recalls how the GDR regime did not allow people to take their dogs into bars, unlike the West, and wonders--perhaps only slightly tongue-in-cheek--if the regime had done this in order to enhance its citizens' sense of themselves as people.
Perhaps that's because Berliners have never seemed to want a traditional central meeting place.
Donuts were called Berliners outside the city but not in Berlin itself.
Interestingly, the best wall within the Mies van der Rohe building housing the Nationalgalerie was devoted not--as might have been expected--to the Leipzig artists Bernhard Heisig and Werner Tubke but to the presentation of three paintings by Berliner Harald Metzkes.
Rattle's slow-moving but unflagging approach to this resolutely weird score gradually gained in intensity yet remained understated, the pure, ethereal string tones produced by the Berliners ideally suited to his purpose.
Now that he's mayor, Wowereit hopes the media and his fellow Berliners will turn their focus from his sexual orientation to the issues at hand, not the least of which is approximately a $30 billion city debt.
Berliner Boehringer, a convenient ready mix for 'Berliners' and doughnuts -- offers low fat absorption and high fermentation stability for consistently high quality.
I have sympathy for the plight of East Berliners and I wish them well as they try to come to terms with the commercial world that is now be inflicted on them without restraint.
He sends 800 hand-signed letters to Berliner families around the world, inviting other Alan Berliners to dinner at his home.
Reunification also doubled the number of venues (and performances) available to Berliners, since East and West had developed separate opera houses, theaters, and ballet companies.
Under communist rule in East Germany, it was a state-sanctioned local newspaper that only East Berliners could buy.
British and American aircraft fly in food to prevent West Berliners from starving.