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Synonyms for sedan

a car that is closed and that has front and rear seats and two or four doors

a closed litter for one passenger


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For instance, Example (78) falls more into the inherent category as laces are normally meant to be tied, but an example such as (77) refers to a surprising property, as a Holden Berlina is not a sports car.
In an effort to validate the scientific basis for the medicinal uses of Berlina grandiflora (BG), Enwerem et al.
In May 1965 Daihatsu became the first Japanese manufacturer to export to Britain with the 797cc Compagno Berlina.
DAIHATSU will have the UK's first Japanese import, the Daihatsu Campagno Berlina, on display alongside the Copen sports car, a definite classic of the future, and the brand new Terios, first seen at the British International Motor Show.
The 1981 car, which has a two-litre Berlina engine, was made towards the end of the model's production.
The other day, a schmuck kept on honking at a 1980 Opel Berlina that I was in.
Non piu Giacomo, bensi Carlo, Luigi e Paolina, sono quindi i membri di casa Leopardi chiamati in causa da Paola Ciarlantini nel suo saggio sui musicisti e sul melodramma a Recanati nel primo ottocento, mentre Paola Magnarelli si concentra sulle figure di tre medici variamente legati a Giacomo, ed in particolare su quella di Puccinotti, vera e propria incarnazione dell'intellettuale borghese engage messo alla berlina nella Palinodia.
La Berlina Estate is operated by Casa Ruiz, a family-owned integrated coffee company.
In Clarkson's Car Years: How Japan Took Over The World (Thursday, BBC2), he said the first Japanese export to the UK, the 1965 Daihatsu Compagno Berlina, was aimed at "the middle-aged family man, who knew all about the Japanese.
Berlina RM, Koeleman BPC, Koster T, Rosendaal FR, Dirven RJ, de Ronde H, et al.
Serving as office director is Arpin newcomer Berlina Sim.
The contract is for service organizations departure for 20 teacher consultants of the Regional Centre for the Development of Education in Opole to the Regional Institute of Education in Rhineland-Palatinate in Speyer and waking up school in BerlinA detailed description of the object of the contract is contained in Annex 1 hereto.
Author's profile: Alexandra Berlina <http://www.
Most people who look at the Fastback Berlina think it is a hatchback, but they are mistaken.
A publicly listed plastic goods producer PT Berlina plans to issue bonds valued at Rp 75 billion.
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