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Irish philosopher and Anglican bishop who opposed the materialism of Thomas Hobbes (1685-1753)

a city in California on the eastern shore of San Francisco Bay

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The Myth of Male Power, 1993, Berkely Books, New York Gerzon, M.
Eight Beatles albums, two live Beatles albums, Jimi Hendrix Live at Berkely, couple of Blur albums, couple of early Billy Joel, Oasis albums and B-sides, Led Zeppelin 1, 2, 3, the Manics' Everything Must Go, Steely Dan Can't Buy a Thrill, absolutely wicked album, Kinks, Suede, Stones, Who.
Officials at the university, which operates three DOE facilities--Los Alamos National Laboratory, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and Lawrence Berkely National Laboratory--estimated that the university used Eleventh Amendment immunity in 8 of about 35 federal cases in 5-1/2 years.
Berkely et al (1988) has suggested a framework that has three folds: the competitiveness performance, competitiveness potential, and the management processes.
College campuses across the nation, such as the University of California Berkely, have already adopted WiFi technology.
Bates Books, PO Box 5023, Berkely CA 94705-0023, USA, 2000.
UC Berkely scientists have created ultraviolent nanolasers from microscopic wires .
But, the opening of the bakeries like the Seattle, Washinton based The Little Bread Company and the Berkely, california based Acme Bread Company in 1983 marked a significant return to the craft of artisan breads in America.
Brand strategy is the engineering of a customer's experience and the building of positive memories," explains Charlene Stem, the Berkely, Calif.
vice president and coffee buyer Peet's Coffee & Tea, Berkely, California
nHal's Pal, formerly trained by David Loder in Britain, returned from a six-month break to land the Berkely Handicap in northern California on Wednesday night, writes Dan Farley.
By the time Adams returned from the University of California at Berkely in 1965, he claimed "radical, revolutionary ideas," which stemmed from this heritage.
For the most prestigious firms, it's almost mandatory to attend either an Ivy League MBA program, Or Chicago, Berkely, Stanford, Duke, MIT, or another of a few elite schools.
Studies at California's Lawrence Berkely Laboratory indicate 30 percent of a city's air pollution is related to increased temperatures.
of California Press, Berkely and Los Angeles, California, xx + 971.