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the Jewish rite of circumcision performed on a male child on the eighth day of his life

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Company founder Berith Lochery explains: "We are passionate about what goes into our fabrics and are committed to using 100% natural materials, including organic cotton and recycled materials, whenever possible.
Husband and wife, whether they know it or not, are incipiently father and mother, parents of children for whose moral and spiritual education they bear a sacred obligation--to ancestors, to community, to God--an obligation symbolized first in the covenant-making commandment of berith milah, of circumcision.
Development of pre implantational mouse embryos from mating of male after falcata Berith ingestion).
In: Alex, Peder , Peter Normark, Inger Schorling, Yohanan Stryjan and Berith Wikstrom.
Lewis, "The Identity and Function of El/Baal Berith," JBL 115 (1996): 418-22.
Starting in the early 1890s, as physicians were recommending and performing the operation more and more frequently as a neonata routine, they mounted an attack on the Jewish rite of Berith Milah or Bris as primitive, unsanitary, and potentially dangerous.
Rebekah Ladan Sturdey, 56, admitted preventing the "lawful and decent burial" of her husband Geoffrey at the farm, Beth Berith in Tregaron, Ceredigion, after he died of natural causes there in October 2008 aged 60.
Ben Berith, "A Tour to the West," Asmonean, January 27, 1854: 118.
In: Alex, Peder, Peter Normark, Inger Schorling, Yohanan Stryjan and Berith Wikstrom.
Officers have appealed for information about any sightings of Mr Sturdey at his smallholding known as Beth Berith.
All four women gave their address as Beth Berith, Llwynygroes, Tregaron.
I was finishing The Girl Who This week: Berith Lochery is the founder of Pili Pala Childrenswear.