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the Jewish rite of circumcision performed on a male child on the eighth day of his life

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We were at school together, so I had known Viv for years, but we did not start courting until he was in the Army," said Berit.
45pm on Monday, was being investigated yesterday but mother-of-two Berit was known to be a heavy smoker.
Freshman Katy Campbell anchored La Canada to the win in the 400 free relay - teaming with Sarah Olson, Berit Kaesler and Mackenzie Heaton - in 3:43.
They didn't say what they were looking for," Berit Lindeman, a spokeswoman for the Norwegian Helsinki Committee, told AFP.
The session was presented by the Secretary of the IAML Bibliography Commission, Berit Holth (National Library of Norway).
It has been reported in Norway that Riise suffered bruising and his mum, Berit, said he had been attacked.
In Lasse Thoresen's Lop, Lokk og Linjer (Chases, Cattle Calls and Charts) the full ensemble of single winds and brass, percussion, string trio, double bass and harp were joined by soloist Berit Opheim, a traditional singer with dynamic control, virtuosity and tonal loveliness that defied belief.
Mr McFadden, from Wirral, who was left to raise two daughters after his wife Berit, a university lecturer, died in 1997, said: "The government knows that we are going to win this case and they are trying to bribe us into dropping the action.
Berit Seem is a process engineer at Peterson Linerboard, Moss, Norway.
Angela McBride and our dinner speaker, Berit Jasion, were truly awe inspiring.
Edited by Berit Mattsson and UIf Sonesson Published 2003 Hardback 337 Pages Price: 119.
But Berit Riise, the 20-year-old's mother and agent, said in Norway: "We are 100 per cent certain that this deal will go through.
But Berit Riise last night said her son will fly to Merseyside instead of London tomorrow.
Berit Mark, 40, from Denmark, and Christian Minnema, 33, a Dutchman, were caught on the yacht, True Love of Mors, off the north coast of Scotland, around 150 miles east of Aberdeen.
To all the contributors to the Berit Olam series, I earnestly recommend that the first item in the commentary should always be a good modern translation of the book under consideration.