Bering Sea

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part of the North Pacific between Alaska and Siberia

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Eligible catcher-processor companies operating vessels in the Bering Sea Pollock fishery divide the overall quota of Pollock available to harvest.
The southern reach of Bering Sea ice also controls the southward extent of the cold pool, a middle shelf bottom layer of cold less than 2[degrees]C water (Mueter & Litzow 2008).
They were having an exercise with the Russians and I think the exercise was long-planned and then they decided to go into the Bering Sea.
China's Defense Ministry, in a short statement sent to Reuters, said the ships were in the Bering Sea as part of a routine drill following the completion of exercises with Russia.
Peak spawning and subsequent mating among multiparous females in the eastern Bering Sea occur between March and April (Rugolo (2)), although a small percentage may be in a receptive condition until July (Somerton, 1981).
The 1,753-ton fishing ship, which was catching pollack, sank in the western part of the Bering Sea near Russia on Monday when one person was confirmed dead and seven were rescued.
Russian authorities said there were 62 people aboard the ship, which sank in the western part of the Bering Sea, near Russia.
The trawler has been working in the Bering Sea since July.
Weather observers have warned marine vessels to be cautious of the weather conditions in the Bering Sea and Alaska's Aleutian Islands in the next few days triggered by extratropical typhoon Nuri.
This award is extended to all Second World War navy, merchant navy, army and air force veterans who served in or above the Arctic Circle in Greenland, Norwegian or Bering Sea waters.
The 1,000-mile race spans two mountain ranges, dangerous wilderness and the wind-whipped Bering Sea coast.
ABSTRACT--Growth, reproduction, and diet of the Yellow Irish Lord (Hemilepidotus jordani) were examined and compared between 2 adjacent geographical regions of Alaska, the eastern Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands, where its biology is not well understood.
With the advent of cold storage, Japanese fishermen could bring large numbers of well-preserved fish back from the Bering Sea.
Their structure matched that of one of the songs recorded in the Bering Sea, suggesting that only one of the stocks occurring in the Bering Sea extends its range into the northeastern Chukchi Sea.