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French philosopher who proposed elan vital as the cause of evolution and development (1859-1941)

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5) For excellent studies on the links between vitalism and the arts in other geographic areas during the beginning of the twentieth century, Mark Antliff has elucidated "the seminal role of Bergsonism in shaping the art and politics of the Fauvist, Cubist, and Futurist movements" (6) and Donna Jones has provided an even more recent nuanced account of the complex relationship between race, vitalism, and aesthetics in the Caribbean, particularly through her analysis of Aime Cesaire and Leopold Senghor.
Olson points to intrahistory as both the eternal ground "beneath all determinate forms" (22) and also "simply the millions of small details of human life that lie beneath the schematized generalization found in books," although he prefers the former and unfortunately equates it not with Bergsonism but with the Heideggerian notion of "Presence.
The synthesis of Kant and Nietzsche, the convergence of Bergsonism and phenomenology, which was perceived as natural for the readers of Hyppolite and Heidegger, of Vuillemin and Canguilhem, has now lost its obviousness.
Debates around this conception mean an important element of spiritual culture of 19 th and 20th centuries, especially in France, where this issue is inevitably related to the concept of modernism, and to bergsonism as well.
28) For more information see Gilles Deleuze, Bergsonism, trans.
Given that there was a Bergsonism for the political right and left, for the avant-garde, and even for advertising psychology and cellular theory, Khan's written reflections on his own projects might be understood, Amad argues, as 'a Bergsonism for financiers' in which the banker contorts 'Bergson's classical syntax into the language of an apocalyptic archivist' (p103).
For Duffy, neither Bergsonism nor Futurism go far enough in shifting attention from the human subject lodged in a human body towards the interface of body and technological apparatus.
1) Reading Bergson may have helped Faulkner arrive at his understanding of time, and critics have cited the influence of Bergsonism on Faulkner.
In the first half of his work, he surveys the unconscious in Russian and Scandinavian literature, in Bergsonism, in experimental psychology, and in psychoanalysis.
2) For Deleuze's analysis of Bergson's concept of duree, see Bergsonism.
If Bergsonism furnishes the philosophical rationale for a dynamic conception of human nature, the Greek Patristic tradition furnishes the theological rationale.
4) De esta manera, la narrativa y el lector se sumergen en un mundo interior y angustiante presentado como incomprensible en el cual el protagonista vive la experiencia de una llamada "hora inmemorial grano escapado quizas del reloj del tiempo" (304), que corresponde con lo que Deluze al estudiar las relaciones entre memoria y tiempo en Bergsonism explica como pasado ontologico.
131), it is not surprising to see the content and language of this key passage of Bergsonism replicated in Del sentimiento tragico de la vida:
Bergsonism confirmed his sense of a fight for freedom.
This paper shows how Bergsonism influences Marcel or, in other words, the manner in which Bergson's Spiritualism is present in Marcel.