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French philosopher who proposed elan vital as the cause of evolution and development (1859-1941)

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Bergson is presented as an established philosopher, ranking with Plato, Aristotle, Descartes, and Kant, and as a public intellectual of consequence.
Indeed, Hulme's positioning is similar to that of Jacques Martain, who also came under the influence of the philosopher Henri Bergson before gravitating back towards a conservative worldview, a reaction captured in La Philosophie bergsonienne (1914).
En las primeras decadas del siglo xx, el filosofo frances Henri Bergson era celebre en todo el mundo y se consideraba que estaba a la altura de Platon, Socrates, Descartes y Kant.
The contract is for the control of ~ ~ work for the energy optimization of buildings in the police barracks in Bergson Saint Etienne.
Por un lado, a modo de introduccion, la edicion de Cactus cuenta con un extracto del articulo de Bergson "La vida y la obra de Felix Ravaisson", titulado aqui "Nota sobre Felix Ravaisson", con una nota al pie sobre el origen del texto, incluido en el volumen El pensamiento y lo moviente, de 1934.
The interplay between time, memory and perception that Valle-Inclan develops shares remarkable affinities to the theory that Henri Bergson develops in his early texts, Time and Free Will (1889) and Matter and Memory (1896).
In this way, Amad's book is more invested in reclaiming the theories of Henri Bergson arising from and concerning early film than presenting a straightforward history of Kahn, his films, or his archive.
Nietzsche, as I have noted, refers to the poet as the 'sombre Lucretius', and Bergson holds that he produces a melancholic philosophy of nature and of life; indeed, for Bergson this is where Lucretius departs from his great master, Epicurus.
Gontarski helpfully points out that although Bergson's "mystical certainty" ("Recovering Beckett's Bergsonism" 98) had little resonance with Beckett's oeuvre, "it is decidedly opposed to teleology, or what Bergson calls 'mechanism,'" which I agree might have been a position shared by Beckett if we consider the latter's disparagement of habits and routines in his works as ineffectual, yet inescapable.
Bergson, Politics and Religion, Duke University Press, Durham and London, 2012.
Since the early 1990's interest in the French philosopher Henri Bergson has skyrocketed, driven in part by the pervasive impact of Gilies Deleuze's interpretative writings on Bergson within the humanities and social sciences, but also by a reevaluation of the vitalist (including the non-organic) dimension of Bergson's thought.
Leading this effort was Hillel Kook (Peter Bergson), head of the Bergson Group, and Eliahu Ben-Horin and Benzion Netanyahu, directing the New Zionist Organization of America.
En que radica la influencia de Bergson en la doctrina del autor de Mil mesetas?
Human Rights as a Way of Life: On Bergson's Political Philosophy" by Alexander Lefebvre (Senior Lecturer in the Department of Government and International Relatons and the Department of Philosophy, University of Sydney, Australia), is a 216 page compendium presenting and commenting on the French philosopher Henri Bergson and his contributions to the concept of human rights.