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Swedish film actress (1915-1982)

Swedish film director who used heavy symbolism and explored the psychology of the characters (born 1918)

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In the 1990s, August was considered Scandinavia's heir after Bergman.
Swedish industrial tools, consumables and components supplier Bergman & Beving AB said on Friday (16 March) that its unit Bergman & Beving Integration Holding AB has acquired the outstanding 50% of the share capital of the subsidiary EKOS AB.
Next week, Bergman ties two blockbuster government leaks - the Washington Post's investigation into secret overseas CIA prisons and The New York Times' revelation that the government was eavesdropping on ordinary Americans - to the celebrated Pentagon Papers case of the '70s.
Bergman had known swallowing difficulties, the suit alleged.
The 32-year-old won on a technical knockout after sending Bergman crashing to the canvas for the third time.
Now the question is whether Bergman can get anybody to bow away the smoke of this double cover-up.
Bergman, who as a light-welter shared the ring with Zab Judah and Australia's pound-for-pound king of that division, Kostya Tszyu, is understood to be keen to fight in Belfast.
The defense argued that Chin had not neglected Bergman but had followed established protocols for prescribing pain medicine.
Not only has Lowell Bergman gained the honor of having Al Pacino portray him in film, but the former "60 Minutes" staff producer's byline has been popping up in the New York Times as well.
Ingrid Bergman was blown out of the deal when her people asked for a location change.
Ingmar Bergman has retired from film directing but still directs plays and writes.
Bergman, meteorologist at the National Weather Service's Climiate Analysis Center in Camp Springs, Md.
SEATTLE -- An 89-year-old Lynnwood woman represented by Bergman Draper Ladenburg won $1.