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small tree with pear-shaped fruit whose oil is used in perfumery

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The chocolatey bubble bar contains calming bergamot oil and de-stressing orange oil to help them sit back and relax.
If you want to get in the mood for love then soak in Absolute Delight which is packed with rose, bergamot oil and sandalwood, or to get back to your school days try Lemon Days and Ginger Beer which contains extract of ginger and lemon peel.
Earl Grey tea contains the essence of bergamot oil, an extract from bergamot orange rind, which is a long-wave ultraviolet light-induced photosensitizer with a strong phototoxic effect.
Equal Exchange Organic and Fairtrade Earl Green Tea is flavoured with the finest Sicilian Bergamot Oil and offers all the benefits of Organic Green Tea along with that popular Earl Grey flavour.
stretched out in a bikini, smelling of lavender and bergamot oil and broiling gently after a blissful massage.
EARL GREY- Exceptional Assam leaves enlivened with the light liquoring citrus of first pressed pure Italian bergamot oil.
Perfumes for women tend to use floral, citrus families while aftershaves (such as Hugo Boss in Motion) uses woodier smells from bergamot oil, basis flower and violet leaves.
Put a couple of drops of lavender or bergamot oil on a shower mitt and imagine that you're washing away all the stresses of the day.
It seemed that the bergamot oil had attacked the adhesive on the sealing tape and ruined it.