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a cap with no brim or bill

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Next Ridgeline is a comprehensive program, which willTrain, Advise and Assist Green Berets as they transition to a new chapter in their life -- integrating back into their families and communities.
It wasn't that long ago when the blue beret of the Unions Nations brought hope to those most in need.
e cadets were paraded in front of war heroes as well as the Duke of Northumberland as Brigadier Greville Bibby presented them with their Capstar and beret as well as carrying out their rst inspection.
MARCHING ON: The soldiers wear their new berets, above, and Corporal Sarah Williams, left, with her beret, which replaced the tam-o-'shanter worn by Lance Corporal Chris Clarke
The white plume on a fusilier's beret is called a hackle
All the team members will top off their uniforms with navy berets highlighted with red and white stripes.
Often a product of fashion's mood for nostalgia, at Gucci wide-brimmed fedoras added to the air of 70s glamour, Marc Jacobs chin-strapped pillbox caps fed into the 40s feel and Burberry Prorsum's berets completed 60s styling.
The beret sold for pounds 115,000 and the eye patch fetched pounds 30,000.
A good example of such novels is The Green Berets (1965) by Robin Moore.
IRISH troops in Chad switched black for blue berets as they shifted command from the EU to UN, it has emerged.
The High Street is packed with silk blouses, pencil skirts, berets, long gloves and dresses with cinched-in waists.
The beret can change the look of an outfit and add personality to lackluster ensembles in an instant, but don't be deceived: Simple in design, berets are tricky to get right.
Cameras follow the Berets on a hearts-and-minds mission setting up makeshift clinics to assist villagers in the remote region, but it proves tough going, as the locals fear Taliban attacks on anyone perceived as being in cahoots with the Americans.
The operation of this large and well-financed private concern, with a Communist at its head, obviously exerts a powerful influence on the Mexican-American minority throughout its domain including the Brown Berets.
Both initiatives were highly successful, but the Green Berets will long outlast the airplane.