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Synonyms for genesis

Synonyms for genesis

Synonyms for genesis

a coming into being


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the first book of the Old Testament: tells of Creation

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examines include texts from Genesis, the Prophets, the Apocrypha (Ben Sira and Wisdom of Solomon), the Pseudepigrapha (The Testaments of the 12 Patriarchs and The Book of Jubilees), Philo, Josephus, and rabbinic literature (Midrash Bereshith Rabbah).
Firer pointed out that the alienation could be traced even further back to the conflict between Jacob and Esau that already started in Rebecca's womb (Midrash Bereshith Rabba 63).
As with Abraham, who prepared wood for the sacrifice with deliberation (Midrash Bereshith Rabba 55:8), so his people through history were to sacrifice themselves resolutely, even with a sense of equanimity toward death.
The descent of the Spirit on Jesus is compared with that of a dove, and it may be possible to see hints of ma'aseh bereshith the `work of creation', here by linking the baptismal accounts with a rabbinical story concerning the early second-century teacher, Simeon ben Zoma.