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an ethnic minority descended from Berbers and Arabs and living in northern Africa


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Twenty-two people died last week in the region of Ghardaia, 600 kilometers south of Algiers, during clashes between the Chaamba Arab and Mozabite Berber populations.
ALGIERS - Clashes between Berbers and Arabs in the southern Algerian town of Ghardaia wounded 10 people Saturday, including two gendarmes, national news agency APS reported.
The first stop was the fishing village of Hergla, with white and blue houses similar to Sidi Bou Said, then Zriba, a half abandoned Berber village.
The acrobats, who are itinerants from the Tazcroualt, have for decades performed at European circuses, though their presentations are never so spectacular as here in the Square where their fellow Berbers will hiss if their multiple somersaults and strange contortions do not succeed.
It is difficult to overestimate the importance of France to the Berbers.
While most Berbers are Muslim, they pride themselves on secular traditions at odds with some of the Islamist movements gaining ground in the region.
It is estimated that up to 80 Berbers have been killed since the unrest began in April, and the security forces have been charged with using live bullets - an allegation rejected by the government.
TASK: Girl carries water from well; PLIGHT: The poor townspeople of Dembi Doloa in Ethiopia have been helped by the Berbers; STUDY: Hard at work in school; PARTNER: Wife Donna; DREAM: Philip Berber talks of his new life
One perspective on the main reason for the sudden explosion of violence in the Kabylie region, where Algerian Berbers are concentrated, is the impact of globalisation.
With a revival of the language underway in Morocco and Algeria in the last 20 years, a new politically-correct term has emerged by which the Berbers refer to themselves.
The Northeast, where they prefer Saxonies and velvets, is the most colorful, while the West Coast, where more casual berbers and friezes are preferred, is the least, she said.
From the proceeds, the Berbers took USD$100 million in stock to create an endowment for A Glimmer of Hope.
The native land of the Berbers, Morocco is a fascinating land with a long history of invasions and occupations by Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, and the French.
1, 1916, at 58, de Foucauld was shot dead in a skirmish among the Berbers of Hoggar.
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