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Successive microsporogenesis in eudicots, with particular reference to Berberidaceae (Ranunculales).
Extracts of Berberidaceae plants were purchased from Beijing Soarsung Technology Co.
The family Berberidaceae (Ranunculales) consists of 15 genera and more than 650 species.
Ramirez and Cevallos-Ferriz (2000:257) stated that the "lack of detailed information on leaf architecture in Berberidaceae limits the evaluation of the taxonomic relationships that can be suggested between fossil and extant plants".
The genera of Berberidaceae, Lardizabalaceae and Menispermaceae in the southeastern United States.
The genera of plants that produce fleshy fruits are too numerous to mention, but important plant families include Anacardiaceae (sumac, mango), Arecaceae (palm), Berberidaceae (barberry), Cactaceae (cactus), Capparaceae (capper), Caprifoliaceae (honeysuckle), Cornaceae (dogwood), Cucurbitaceae (cucumber, squash), Ericaceae (blueberry, heather), Grossulariaceae (gooseberry, currant), Lauraceae (laurel), Moraceae (mulberry, fig), Myrtaceae (myrtle), Oleaceae (olive), Piperaceae (piper), Rhamnaceae (buckthorn), Rosaceae (blackberry, raspberry, cherry, apple, pear), Sapindaceae (soapberry), Solanaceae (nightshade), Viscaceae (mistletoe), Vitaceae (grape), and many others (Smith, 1977; Snow, 1981; Jordano, 2000).
Plants belonging to families Acanthaceae, Apocynaceae, Amaryllidaceae, Angelicae, Araceae, Asclepiadaceae, Berberidaceae, Buxaceae, Combretaceae, Compositae, Coniferae, Cyperaceae, Ebenaceae, Ericaceae, Euphorbiaceae, Fumariaceae, Gentianaceae, Guttiferae, Lamiaceae, Leguminosae, Lilliaceae, Lycopodiaceae, Malvaceae, Magnoliaceae, Menispermaceae, Mollugi-naceae, Moraceae, Musaceae, Nelumbonaceae, Papaveraceae, Piperaceae, Rubiaceae, Rutaceae, Sapotaceae, Solanaceae and Tamaricaceae have been reported to have AChE inhibitory potential.
Clarification of the carpel number in Papaverales, Capparales, and Berberidaceae.
amazonensis Berberidaceae Berberis boliviana Lechl.
Araceae [86], Arecaceae [143], Berberidaceae [182], Cactaceae]
Annonaceae [111], Apiaceae [31], Berberidaceae [182], Fabaceae
pentapetala Fernald [199] RANUNCULALES Berberidaceae Berberis vulgaris [182] Mahonia japonica [215] Fumariaceae Corydalis cava [197] Hypecoum duriaei Pomel [56] H.
This family forms a strongly supported clade that forms a trichotomy with the herbaceous family Circaeasteraceae and a clade of Menispermaceae, Berberidaceae, and Ranunculaceae (Soltis et al.
In Ecuador, families with >50% endemicity are predominantly Andean (Actinidiaceae, Campanulaceae, Begoniaceae, Berberidaceae, and Ericaceae; Jorgensen & Leon-Yanez 1999).