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an ethnic minority descended from Berbers and Arabs and living in northern Africa


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The Berber Spring period of political protest in 1980, in which the Berber people demanded their linguistic and cultural rights, left hundreds of youth dead in the streets, killed by the army and the police.
Populated by the indigenous Berber people, the desert is accessible by car from Djerba and a guided tour around the local villages will take you back to those famous movie moments and give you an opportunity to absorb an ancient way of life.
These are the troglodyte homes of the Berber people, who've lived for centuries in underground cave-like dwellings to escape the Sahara heat by day and the cold of the desert night.
Colin added: "The climb was very successful and it was a fantastic and humbling experience living among the Berber people, a very fitting way to mark a century of scouting.
The eight-day Magical Morocco trip will open your children's eyes to a different world - highlights include a ride around Marrakech in a horse drawn calesh, watching snake charmers, smugglers and acrobats in the bustling bazaars and visits to villages in the High Atlas Mountains to drink mint tea with the Berber people.
Nearly forgotten are the Canary Islands, the Spanish-held homeland of a Berber people just off Western Sahara, which, Shelley briefly notes, saw a "flurry of pro-independence activities" in the 1970s.
Tinariwen's music articulated the feelings of the young and disenfranchised Berber people in an area where postal and telephone systems were non-existent.
Everywhere you'll find the friendliest of Berber people - it will be hard to refuse genuine invitations to sit and drink mint tea in their homes.
The complex history of Timbuktu, a city founded by Berber people in about 1100 A.
Every September, thousands of Berber people gather on the remote Imilchil plateau, 500km from Marrakesh, in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.
Through her mother's influence she became interested in the rich oral traditions of the Kabyle Berber people.
The colours of the sky are incredible, the food is wonderful and the Berber people are so welcoming.
There are some Berber people in the Atlas mountains that come to live in the cities, but they can't make it in Moroccan cities, because they can't speak [Arabic].
Populated by Berber people, the desert is accessible by car from Djerba and a guided tour of local villages will take you back to those famous movie moments.
Each one is individual, and the geometric Berber symbols represent many aspects and beliefs of the Berber people.