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The area had once been the site of flour and flint mills, drift mines, a quarry, and the Blaydon Benzole Works, which produced fuel from coal.
Frank's tanker is one of a batch of 20 which were bought by National Benzole.
See Bylaw to Regulate the Erection of Coal Oil Refineries and the Storage of Petroleum, Rock Oil, Coal Oil, Water Oil, or Any of the Products of Petroleum, as well as Naphtha, Benzole, Benzine, Kerosene, or Any Burning Fluid by Whatever Name Known, within the City of Toronto, bylaw no.
He went to Bedford Modern School until he was 14 and then joined the offices of engineering company National Benzole.
Jack worked for petrol company National Benzole and was married to his late wife Thelma for 64 years.