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a form of amphetamine

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Exposure to amphetamines was determined by two questions: one on the use of drugs for weight loss and a second question on whether people often used benzedrine or dexedrine.
Results showed that people who reported using Benzedrine or Dexedrine were nearly 60 percent more likely to develop Parkinson's than those people who didn't take the drugs.
Were Bonnie Parker, Clyde Barrow, John Dillinger, and George "Baby Face" Nelson under the influence of Benzedrine during their murderous crime sprees?
Debbie dies after taking a massive overdose of the amphetamine Benzedrine.
Benzedrine inhalers were available till they realised folk were taking the impregnated paper out and chewing it.
Kirschner: To bring a high level of baseball excitement to Sarasota by selling pints of cough medicine spiked with Benzedrine at all our games.
On the album's most bizarre song, "20 Dollar Nose Bleed," Stump sings the praises of Benzedrine and bashes President Bush.
When the Premier League's top two clashed in the FA Cup last weekend, Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger ended up spitting venom at each other like a pair of Benzedrine puff adders.
Back then, amphetamine stimulants like benzedrine were used by athletes to increase energy, weight loss, and concentration.
In 1935, Prinzmetal and Bloomberg developed a new compound, Benzedrine, which was the original drug in the class to be known as "amphetamines.