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United States artist whose paintings portrayed life in the Midwest and South (1889-1975)

United States legislator who opposed the use of paper currency (1782-1858)

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At the same time, what unifies many blacks in Benton Harbor is a willingness to assume the worst about St.
Even after the official investigation concluded that McGinnis's death was an accidental drowning, Kotlowitz finds that "the people of Benton Harbor, young and old, liberal and conservative, whether they had been personally acquainted with Eric or not, were convinced not only that he had been murdered, but that he had been murdered by a white person.
A recent example that directly foreshadows the Benton volume is the Fall 1996 issue of Daedalus, "Books, Bricks, & Bytes," and in particular the essay by Deanna B.
With annual revenues exceeding $50 million, Benton has a leading market position in the Southeast with over 6,000 points serviced by more than 20 terminals.
People's perception of the word 'foundry' conjures up a dirty environment, hard manual labor and very dated manufacturing methods," said Jeff Hall, president, Benton Foundry.
We asked the people of Benton, North Tyneside, which comedian most tickles their funny bone, and why.
The deal enables PTM to earn a 71% interest in the Project by paying Benton $51,000 on the effective date of the deal and by incurring a total of $2.
The substantial property is in Benton Park Road, Benton, Newcastle.
Walton family money is backing an effort to put the question of making Benton County "wet" on the November general election ballot.
com)-- Jeff Benton Homes, a leading homebuilder in Huntsville, Alabama, announced today that the company has been awarded a 2010 Guildmaster Award for exceptional customer satisfaction.
At the cornerstone laying for the company's second Lancaster building, Executive Vice President Patrick Benton said the company is pleased with its Lancaster office's high productivity and low employee attrition but has grown weary of state regulation.
Two quotations frame my approach to this article, an invited critique of the Benton Foundation's (1996) Buildings, Books, and Bytes: Libraries and Communities in the Digital Age.
I'm really excited that this software will offer more opportunities for the county than we have had in the past," said the Honorable Brenda DeShields, Benton County Circuit Clerk.
Wilma Lee Elimon, 95, of Benton went to be with the Lord at 1:45 p.
Benton Utilities has announced that it has procured transformer with a capacity of 30MW.