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English philosopher and jurist


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This method was consciously adopted by the Benthamites as a distinguishing mark of "philosophic" as opposed to "plebeian" radicalism.
The young disciple now saw that "the inculcation and diffusion" of the Benthamite gospel "could be made the principal outward purpose of my life," and he delighted in the "grand conception.
All of these changes were championed by the utilitarian reformer Jeremy Bentham, and while historians may quibble about just how much personal influence Bentham had, it remains fair to refer to these changes as Benthamite reforms.
What Bacon imagined in his New Atlantis, Benthamites (6) institutionalized in 1826 when the first red brick college was founded.
Benthamites believed that the poor had a right to relief (although they also believed relief should be as minimal as possible) and that new institutions such as workhouses, schools, and prisons, could force working people to become more virtuous, happy, and prosperous.
Benthamites hold that, directly or indirectly, we should apportion blame and award excuses in whatever way will have the most beneficial overall consequences.
Sir Robert Peel, Edwin Chadwick and the Benthamites are perceived as "statist Utilitarians" and "farsighted reformers acting with a benign regard for the public interest.
Nor, pace the Benthamites, need one deny that it was a breach of duty in order to insist that it was justified.
The Benthamites not only infused their own allegedly secular ethics with the spirit of quasi-religious fervor, but intended their new philosophy as a "new religion," as a this-worldly substitute for the otherworldly religion they regarded as superstitious nonsense.
Facing spoliation, and according to some alarmists, disestablishment, in its most serious political crisis since the interregnum, conservatives of the Church of England were highly motivated to identify the Church forcefully with the nation, and to emphasize, for purposes of propitiating Benthamites, its role as instructor to the people and interpreter of their collective experiences.
The natural rights theory, connected in men's minds with the Revolution in France, was not respectable; the Benthamites publicized the utilitarian theory and it served the purpose.
On the other side of the property rights debate, many who would defend the importance of community interests, as reflected in environmental laws, want "the prevalent moral and political theories" to reflect more of a positivist, Benthamite foundation for the concept of property.